Grades 5-8

'כיתות ה'- ח

חטיבת ביניים


We instill in our students the love of learning by focusing on their academic and social-emotional needs.

  • We help our students develop life skills: time management, goal setting, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. 

  • Students engage in Project-Based Learning in English, Social Studies, Math and Science using the Summit Learning curriculum and platform. 

  • Students meet with a teacher daily for Personalized Learning Time one-on-one to monitor progress, mentoring, and coaching. Students participate in Personalized Learning time where they set goals and work independently to complete work.

  • Students are assigned a mentor who facilitates and guides their goal setting and helps manage their time.

  • Students are assigned a mentor and participate in an advisory program in which they learn health and life skills.  

  • Students use a personal computer as a tool for learning.   




Summit Learning:

  • A sophisticated platform that helps students engage in Project-Based Learning;  by receiving daily personalized support, students investigate compelling topics and are expected to demonstrate mastery in

    • Cognitive Skills - essential and transferable lifelong skills

    • Content Knowledge - understanding and application of fundamental content

    • Habits of Success - mindsets and behaviors that support well-being

    • Sense of Purpose - self-awareness and pursuit of interests and goals