Fall 2022
Wednesdays 1:15-2:00

Science Arts

Science Arts with Morah Kim


Morah Kim loves science and art so she is combining the two for an amazing elective, Science Arts! Students will explore, manipulate and discover art and science and how they work together while getting to learn hands on with creative experiments.

Art Class
3D Printing and Design

3D Printing and Design with David Merel

Take your 3D printing and design to the next level! During this elective, you will have time to get creative to design practical and fun 3D printed objects. This will allow students to spend extra time focusing on using TinkerCad (3D design app) to sharpen their design skills and of course, 3D print their designs to see how it all comes together!

3D Printing
Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making with Morah Hagit

Students will learn different styles of jewelry and how to make their own. Get creative while using different materials to create your very own jewelry!


Making a Necklace
Basketball Clinic

Basketball Clinic with Coach Chris


Get ready to take your basketball skills to the next level! Coach Chris will be working with students on their basketball skills and drills to help make them the best teammates and players they can be! 


*Students must be wearing good sneakers to participate*

Image by Markus Spiske
Moot Court

Moot Court with Mr. Hoch

Join Mr. Hoch for an opportunity to prepare for and argue real legal cases before a judge. Students will be given what's called a fact pattern from real court cases. They will then research and create an argument to try and convince a judge to rule in their side's favor.

Judge Gavel
WTA Band

WTA Band with Moreh Brian


Are you ready for the first ever…WTA Band?! This elective will allow students to learn to play new songs and ultimately put it all together with their classmates to create a WTA Band! 


*Students who would like to participate in band must currently play an instrument and tryout with Moreh Brian*

Illustrated Musical Instruments

Yoga with Morah Lois and Morah Ingrid (girls only)

Relax and tone your body in a healthy, low stress way! Learn the basics of yoga, meditation, and how to strengthen your muscles using your own body weight.  We will focus on breathing, relaxation, calming our minds, and yoga moves that strengthen our legs, arms, and core. 

*Please bring a yoga mat or large towel.*

Yoga Mats
master chef

Master Chef with Morah Adi and Rabbi Lichtman 

Get ready to sharpen up on your culinary skills as you join Morah Adi and Rabbi Lichtman in the kitchen! There will be nothing you’ll want more than mixing up your own delicious snack! You will be blending, kneading, stirring and pouring to make some amazing treats!