Second semester 2022
Mondays 3:45-4:30

Homework Club

Homework Club with Morah Lois

Have you ever wanted to come home from school and just kick back and relax after a long day? Well now you can in Morah Lois’ homework club! Do your homework for the evening in school so that you can go home and chill. You can even consult with the expert teacher herself if you have any questions or difficulty with assignments.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

STEAM with David Merel

Science, technology, engineering and more come together in this state of the art elective! Learn about computers, robotics and 3D Printing! Kids will practice a variety of STEAM. skills Let’s Imagine! Design! and Create...together!

Computer Robot

Robotics with Moreh Dave

Join your classmates to collaborate, experiment, and test out ideas to operate robots! We will practice programming robots to complete different tasks like moving objects and performing special stunts. Our efforts will culminate in a robotics competition against other schools later in the semester.

Black Robot
Moot Court

Moot Court with Mr. Hoch

Join Mr. Hoch for an opportunity to prepare for and argue real legal cases before a judge. Students will be given what's called a fact pattern from real court cases. They will then research and create an argument to try and convince a judge to rule in their side's favor.

*6-8 Grade

Judge Gavel
Think outside the box

Thinking Outside the Box with Moreh Ziv

We will literally play in the dirt! Thinking Outside the Box is for you if you love the outdoors and being challenged! Learn about growing herbs and plants, as well as get involved in planning our own WTA greenhouse or corn maze and growing the ingredients for our own WTA Israeli salad. We will also have fun with lots of creative problem solving through games and puzzles!

Power Walking and more

Power Walking with Morah Bonnie

How fast can you walk? This is your chance to get moving! We will be doing a power walking workout outdoors. Take in the beautiful scenic views and build our stamina. A fantastic way to end the day! Make sure to bundle up on those cold days to enjoy the great outdoors and get your blood flowing!

Image by Austin Ban
master chef

Master Chef with Morah Penina

Get ready to sharpen up on your culinary skills as you join Morah Penina in the kitchen! There will be nothing you’ll want more than mixing up your own delicious snack! You will be blending, kneading, stirring and pouring to make some amazing sweet treats!


Want more time in the spotlight? Sandbox theatre will be coming to WTA to run a special elective that will take place during elective hour and after school. Get ready for a show stopping performance because the group is preparing to rehearse and put on a one of a kind show!

Image by Annie Gavin

Art with Morah Michelle

Feeling artsy? Join Morah Michelle (and some special guests) to work on an open art room. Each week, you will focus on a different type of art and use various mediums to create masterpieces!

Image by Anna Kolosyuk