Fall semester 2021-2022
Mondays 3:45-4:30

Play Guitar

Play the Guitar with Moreh Craig

Budding musicians!! Have you dreamt about learning how to play guitar? You can learn the basics of guitar playing with expert musician Moreh Craig.  Let’s play some music together! Students are required to bring their own guitar.

Guitar Lessons

STEAM with David Merel

Science, technology, engineering and more come together in this state of the art elective! Learn about computers, robotics and 3D Printing! Kids will practice a variety of STEAM skills Let’s Imagine! Design! and Create! together.

Computer Robot

Coding with Kovi! 

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a game on the computer? Let’s code together!! You will learn the fundamentals of Python, a coding language used in websites, games, and apps. YOU will write the code to create a game! It’s a whole new language! Your friend and 8th Grader at WTA, Kovi, will be teaching this coding elective!

Code on Laptop Computer
Baseball trivia

Baseball Trivia with Moreh Dave

Are you a baseball fan?

Do you enjoy following the statistics of your favorite players?

Are you interested in learning some of the history behind how the game has changed?

Do you like writing and answering trivia questions about baseball and matching wits with others who think they know more than you?

If so - jump on board!!  

We will explore players of the past and present, teams, managers, stadiums and more!!

Think outside the box

Thinking Outside the Box with Moreh Ziv

We will literally play in the dirt! Thinking Outside the Box is for you if you love the outdoors and being challenged! Learn about growing herbs and plants, as well as get involved in planning our own WTA greenhouse or corn maze and growing the ingredients for our own WTA Israeli salad. We will also have fun with lots of creative problem solving through games and puzzles!


Yoga, Meditation and Strengthening with Morah Lois (girls only)

Relax and tone your body in a healthy, low stress way! Learn the basics of yoga, meditation, and how to strengthen your muscles using your own body weight.  We will focus on breathing, relaxation, calming our minds, and yoga moves that strengthen our legs, arms, and core.  A perfect ending to a Monday!  (Please bring a yoga mat or large towel.)

Yoga Mat
master chef

Master Chef with Morah Penina

Get ready to sharpen up on your culinary skills as you join Morah Penina in the kitchen! There will be nothing you’ll want more than mixing up your own delicious snack! You will be blending, kneading, stirring and pouring to make some amazing sweet treats!

Power walking

Power Walking with Morah Bonnie

How fast can you walk? This is your chance to get moving! We will be doing a power walking workout outdoors. Take in the beautiful scenic views and build our stamina. A fantastic way to end the day! Make sure to bundle up on those cold days to enjoy the great outdoors and get your blood flowing!

People in Park

Hablas español? Learn to speak Spanish with Moreh Jeff

¿Interesado en aprender un tercer idioma? Únase a la electiva de español para aprender vocabulario y español conversacional.

(Interested in learning a third language (as you've already mastered English and Hebrew)? Join the Spanish elective to learn vocabulary and conversational Espanol.)

Chalkboard with Different Languages