Dear Parents and WTA Family,


It is with joy and gratitude to Hashem that we take our next big step as a school, and introduce our 5th and 6th graders into Middle School at Westchester Torah Academy. What a wonderful and significant milestone we have reached! We view the opportunity to impact our middle school students with humility. At this crucial time in their development, we are privileged to act as teachers and guides when our students establish the academic and spiritual foundations of their lives. We recognize that values instilled in young and developing minds will remain with them long after they leave the hallways of WTA. As future WTA Alumni, our graduates will embody the middot and lessons learned in our precious school.


Just like our Jewish forefathers, we maintain our Jewish and moral compass by following key core values which guide our daily lives in school. Creating future Jewish leaders, who embrace WTA’s core values, is our collective and sacred goal. In a process of self reflection, we unearthed four core values. They are not aspirational statements. Rather, they are timeless and essential, lived, and practiced in school.  


We thank you for your time and interest in WTA. As you learn more about us, I invite you to read closely the school’s core values. They represent the essence of who we are as a religious and unique educational institution. May we merit your partnership and may we go from חיל לחיל together.  

Thank you,


Deganit Ronen

Westchester Torah Academy | ישיבת נצח

295 Soundview Avenue,

White Plains, NY 10606