Dear Friends,


Contemplating our shared dream of a Modern Orthodox day school offering excellent, affordable General and Jewish Studies education to our entire community, I am mindful of Moshe Rabeinu's words to the Jewish people as they entered into the covenant with HaShem. While enumerating the categories of people embraced within the covenant, Moshe specifically mentions the children, who are to be trained in Torah and mitzvot, including even the future generations of children who had not yet been born.


Over the past seven years at WTA we, too, have assembled into a covenantal community of dedicated parents, students, educators, administrators and board members whose sacred mission and purpose, as Moshe Rabeinu taught, is to instruct our children in Derekh Torah,  preparing not only this generation of future Jewish leaders, but also, G-d willing, generations to come.


As you read this, another extraordinary school year is underway, and we invite you to visit us and see for yourself the daily miracle that is WTA. See smiles on the faces of children who love coming to school each day. Hear the joyful sounds of Hebrew singing, and the quiet conversations of students working collaboratively with teachers who coach, support and mentor them to achieve academic success. Witness the pride and satisfaction students experience when they master a task or subject, inspiring them to become self-motivated learners.  Observe in action the cherished core values that we teach and model to our students in everything we do: Love of Torah, Joyful Mindset, Modesty/Humility, and Commitment to Best Self.  


The word is spreading that something new and exciting in contemporary Jewish education is happening at WTA, and you can feel proud to be a part of it. Together we are making history!!!


Wishing everyone a fruitful and successful academic year,

Deganit Ronen

Head of School