Dear Friends, 


2021 is a year that will forever be remembered as beginning an exciting new chapter in WTA history. With tremendous hakarat hatov to HaKadosh Baruch Hu and to all those dedicated individuals whose efforts over the past nine years made miracles happen, we have been blessed to celebrate both the accomplishment of our first graduating class, and the opening of our new Bayit L'Netzach. This fall, we proudly welcomed a student body of more than 200 students, and as the "good buzz" continues to spread about our excellent and affordable approach to Jewish education, and our students' happiness and success, those numbers just keep growing. Never content to rest on our laurels, however, this year we have started a variety of new academic initiatives, including opening our fabulous, futuristic STEAM lab, and introducing a dynamic, child-focused method of cognitive, emotional, social, and physical education to our Early Childhood program. 


For all of our innovations in academia, WTA is a Jewish day school that remains firmly rooted in the values and observance of our Torah heritage. Our building, with its traditionally elegant mansion joined to a contemporary wing featuring state-of-the-art classrooms, stands as a poetic visual metaphor for the harmonious blending of tradition with modernity. At WTA, appreciation and reverence for the past combines with a bold vision for the future. As Rabbi Chanina taught,

" וכל בניך למודי ה' ורב שלום בניך ", אל תקרא 'בנייך' אלא 'בונייך'""

This is because the real "building" work we do is not ultimately about a physical structure; it is about building our children, who will become the true builders of the Jewish future.


We invite you to join us in our history-making mission to bring excellent and affordable Jewish education into the 21st century, בעז”ה, for many generations to come.  


Mazal tov, WTA community, for an extraordinary 2021! Together, let's make 2022 even better.


Wishing everyone a fruitful and successful academic year, 


Deganit Ronen

Head of School