שלום WTA FAMILY!!

                                             I hope you are feeling well. You know, I think about you every                                                     day. We are all navigating being home day after day and helping                                               our children to use their time productively, prepare meals and                                                   more (not at all easy!) Most of all, we continue to find ways to ease their concerns and our own. It is so important to know every feeling is real and to validate this for your children as you reassure them. There are many different resources available to help us manage our emotions and fill the days. On this page, you will find helpful information I have gathered from professionals and other relevant sites. I am discovering new resources each day.  We will keep updating this page and the activity page - so please keep checking in! 


If I can be of help to you or any of your children, please don’t hesitate to email me and we will set up a time to speak by phone. (


I am so in awe of our resilient and strong community! Stay healthy, stay happy, stay connected to us and to each other!



Morah Michelle Hoch

Director of Counseling & Student Life







Mon & Wed 8-9 pm:


Talking to your children about Coronavirus

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UNDERSTANDING THIS TIME, Dealing with Emotions, Staying positive, Mindful, and calm

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How to take Mindful Breaths with the Hoberman Spheres

  • Take a deep breath in. As your belly expands, let the ball expand with it. 

  • Breathe in fairly slowly, following the balls

  • As you breathe out, watch the sphere to contract to its smallest size.

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