ChavrutOT with Rabbi Avi!

25-30 minute morning and evening slots are available!

Grades 1-8 - The Limud will be based on the child’s age and level. 

Topics include but are not limited to: Hebrew Reading, Parsha, Chumash, Mishna, Gemara, Tefilla, Nusach Tefilla, The Basics of Leining, Haskafa, Q&A, and more!



Drama with Tori

For students entering 4th through 8th grade

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Get Your Play On(Line)

A website that offers fun, therapeutic activities and live events for children and their parents. Created and run by child life students, we strive to grow our organization through developmentally appropriate play. Providing the opportunity to engage in play within any setting can positively impact a child’s experience.

In-Your-Yard Art Workshops With Michal Ozeri

Guaranteed to create a fantastical learning environment and leave participants with a great feeling of accomplishment. Michal offers a wide selection of unique customized art workshops/lesson plans designed for all age (small) groups, kids and adults, families, including individuals with special needs. No previous experience is necessary and I provide the materials.  The workshops are offered in yards or in nature Sunday to Friday and include one to several meetings.

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Virtual Summer Camps

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