Welcome to the 4th GRADE


Join us on a virtual tour of the USA! Click the highlighted states below to view each students' project and learn more about the states we explored.

4th Grade State Fair Learning Process

                                             Our Fourth graders’ State Fair is a multidisciplinary project, combining research, writing, 

                                             editing, presenting, and the creation of artwork. All of which is presented in a rich

                                             exploration of what makes our country’s states different and unique.  

The process began with students thinking about what state they wanted to research. As a class, students discussed picking states they did not know much about so they could gain knowledge on a new state!


Next, students gathered books, articles and used internet sites under the direction of their teacher. During the research process, students learned to sift through information and select what they could effectively use in their essays, while also learning how to identify and separate information that was not relevant to their purpose. The students learned how to paraphrase and summarize the important information, and also how to assemble the information appropriately into different sections within their writing.


Once students gathered their research materials, they began taking notes and creating an outline to prepare for their essay. The class went over the components of a multi-paragraph essay and the importance of topic and closing sentences. After the students wrote their rough drafts, we discussed revisions and edits. The revision process--including proofreading, editing, and rewriting--was done using Google docs.


Students used their essay to help create their PowerPoint presentations, and learned how to create a slideshow with transitions and inserting pictures to go with their information. The last step of the project was for students to learn how to present their slideshow and record their presentation.


To make it an immersive experience, students decided to dress in clothing that reflected the state they chose, and brought artifacts that would provide their audience with tangible, state-related information.


Fourth graders enjoyed watching their classmates present their final project! The class has learned a lot through this project and will use their knowledge in their future learning! 

This website, with all the essays and presentations of each student, is our way of showcasing our work in this unique year. Our Fourth graders should be very proud of themselves for a job well done!

- Morah Maria Gizzo