The Hakuna Matana Program only accepts credit card payments, no offline payments please.


The Hakuna Matana Program allows the recipient to receive a single Amazon gift card instead of multiple smaller gifts from guests. 10% of the money collected will be donated to WTA in honor of the recipient's occasion. By participating in the Hakuna Matana Program the recipient can take pride in honoring his/her occasionwith a mitzvah, and, as an added bonus, gets to choose his/her own present.


Your gift of $10 (less the 10% donated) will be added to the total value of the gift card. To cover payment processing fees, the total charge to you is $10.65. (You have the option to give more if you would like).


Thank you for contributing to the Hakuna Matana Program and for supporting WTA!


***Please be sure to give your Hakuna Matana gift on or before the birthday party so your name is included in the card!***


***When filling out the “from” section please write only the name of whom it is from. To send a greeting card please click here ***


***The card will be emailed to the receiver. It is not a physical item and does not need to be picked up personally at WTA.***


Please confirm your Hakuna Matanaa order by checking your email for an order receipt from WTA.

Hakuna Matana Program

  • This item only accepts credit card payments, no offline payments please.

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