To choose the option of fee means that you will cover the processing fees per store transaction. By choosing to cover the fees a full percentage of sales goes to the VH which is greatly appreciated. 


If you prefer to send in a check instead, you may do so. Please write it out to Westchester Torah Academy, indicate that is for this product and for the Vaad Horim. Send it to the school and the VH will be notified of the check. You can not place an online order for checks. If you want to send it via Zelle, please fill this form out.

Donate to the Vaad Horim

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  • For large donations, checks are greatly encouraged and appreciated to avoid paypal fees.

    Checks can be written out to: Westchester Torah Academy and noted to go to the Vaad Horim.

    You can mail them to the school or drop it off at the office.

Westchester Torah Academy | ישיבת נצח

130 Union Avenue

Harrison, NY 10528