The Gemara in Masechet Shabbat says: The world exists but for the breath of young children, for their words are pure and are not blemished with sin.  


At Yeshivat Netzach, the purity of the words of our children sound each day; during tefillah, the study of chumash, navi, mishna, or parasha studies. You can now take part in this worthwhile, life sustaining endeavour.  


Participating in our Parnas Hayom program by sponsoring a day of learning offers you an opportunity to support our school with a day of limud torah and tefilah in honor of a birthday, anniversary, yahrtzeit; for a refuah shelema, or any other occasion. Your generous sponsorship will contribute substantially towards enhancing our students’ Jewish education, while celebrating or honoring a loved one. 


An email will be sent to the parent body announcing your day of sponsorship, and an e-certificate can be emailed to a person or people of your choice notifying them to your thoughtful donation. As a community, we can all join together to support our students’ journeys. 


A donation of $100 will sponsor the learning at our school for one day. Multiple sponsorships will be allowed for the same day. Sponsorships will be listed in the order they were reserved.