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WTA Hakuna Matana Program


What is the Hakuna Matana Program?

The Hakuna Matana Program is the "no worry" way to enhance your occasion with the idea of צדקה and giving. The program is designed to allow guests to contribute to one single gift card for the recipient who is being celebrated. 10% of the money collected will be donated to WTA.


Is it just for birthdays?

Absolutely not! The program is designed to be used for any occasion. If you love the idea of receiving a simple Amazon gift card, and value giving back to a great cause at the same time - this program is for you!


Weddings, Birthdays, Chanukah, work celebrations, graduations, anniversaries, and so much more can all be celebrated using the Hakuna Matana program!


Please note:

The Hakuna Matana Program runs during the school year. To participate during the summer, or if you have any questions, please email vaadhorim@westchesterta.org.