Our hope as educators is that the children we infuse with strong learning skills, strong Torah values, and strong independent thinking will grow to become strong Jewish leaders and let the words of the Torah guide them in their daily lives.​
The following values guide our work: ​



  1. Embraces the motto: Excellence with  Affordability

  2. Determines to find talented, passionate and nurturing educators.

  3. Celebrates the uniqueness of every child.

  4. Inspires wonder, joy and a passion.

  5. Promotes academic excellence and a progressive education.

  6. Cultivates middot, יראת שמים  and אהבת ישראל.

  7. Ensures a safe and positive environment by focusing on social-emotional learning.

Please join us on our journey to success, to inspire your children, embrace each child's spirit and individuality, and celebrate their uniqueness.