SHORASHIM (3's) | Nitzanim (4's) | Prachim (KINDERGARTEN)


חטיבה צעירה

שורשים | ניצנים | פרחים

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  • Program goals:  We foster the love of learning by focusing on students’ academic and social- emotional needs.

  • Middot: The children learn key values of Derech Eretz and kavod (for self and others).

  • Staff:  A general and Judaic studies and Ivrit teacher work collaboratively to design integrated curricular units.   

  • Dual language program:  Hearing Hebrew at an early age helps the children acquire it effortlessly.   

  • Jewish Studies: The children develop familiarity with Tefilah, Chagim and Jewish themes, values, and concepts throughout the year 

  • General Studies:  The children engage in language arts, math and science, reading, and writing activities.  

  • Skills: The children develop cognitive, social, emotional, and physical (fine and gross motor) skills through play and hands-on experiences.  

  • Learning:  The children engage in individual and small group indoor and outdoor activities throughout the day.  

  • Circle time/ma’agal מעגל: The teachers introduce content and model skills which students practice individually and in small groups throughout the day.    

  • Specials: The children attend weekly PE and music classes with a specialist.  

  • Technology: is introduced in Kindergarten as part of WTA’s rotational model.