חטיבה צעירה

שורשים | גנון | גן ילדים

  • We instill in our students the love of learning by focusing on their academic and social- emotional needs.

  • Each class is led by a general and Judaic studies and Ivrit teacher; they work collaboratively to design integrated curricular units.   

  • Dual language instruction:  general studies teacher communicate and teaches in English and Judaic studies and Ivrit  teacher communicates and teaches in Hebrew.

  • Play, an essential component of our program, facilitates children’s social emotional growth, problem solving skills and builds language and confidence.

  • Children rotate among centers to play, engage in sensory and fine motor activities, explore and investigate new ideas and materials.  

  • Sensory learning and hands-on activities accompany each unit of study.  

  • Tefillah,Ivrit, parshat hashavua and holidays are taught by the Judaic and Ivrit teacher.  

  • Language arts, math and science, reading and writing are taught by the general studies teacher.

  • Circle time is led by the general studies teacher and ma’agal מעגל is led by the Judaic studies teacher.   

  • Weekly PE and music classes with a specialist.  

  • Use of technology is introduced in Kindergarten as part of the centers rotation.  

Westchester Torah Academy | ישיבת נצח

130 Union Avenue

Harrison, NY 10528