בית ספר היסודי

'כיתות א'- ד

Grades 1-4

  • We instill in our students the love of learning by focusing on their academic and social- emotional needs.  

  • Teachers support students in taking an active role in their learning.

  • The general studies curriculum consists of English Language Arts, Math, Social  Studies and Science (STEAM). 

  • Students engage in tasks aimed at solving real-world problem.

  • Reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, counting, computing and comprehending with confidence and accuracy are skills and strategies our students develop and  master.

  • Our rotational model provides students with opportunities to engage in small group learning.

  • Students are coached in working individually to meet personal learning goals.  

  • Teachers regularly consult and analyze data to inform their instruction.  


General studies

Curriculum materials and online programs

Lexia (grades K-4):

  • Lexia is an online program that teaches reading skills in a fun and interactive game-like atmosphere. The students are given tasks equal to their individual challenge level. The program reteaches when necessary in a variety of modalities depending on the child's particular learning style. The Data it provides helps teachers customize learning to meet the varying needs of the students.

Newsela (grades 2-5):

  • Newsela is an online reading program that uses "news" articles in both science and social studies to promote reading. The program generates articles to match each child's individual reading level (lexicon). The teachers tailor the subject of each article to align with the class science and social studies units, enhancing each child's knowledge of the topic.

i-Ready (grades K - 4):

  • i-Ready is an online math program that children love. i-Ready gives teachers valuable information about each child’s math ability and fun, interactive practice for students to reinforce skills.

ST Math (grades K- 4):

  • Spatial-Temporal (ST) Math was created by MIND Research Institute.  It is a game-based instructional software for K-12 and is designed to boost math comprehension and proficiency through visual/conceptual learning.