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Karen Chubak

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Brian Kalb

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Westchester Torah Academy is established on the foundations of love, human and financial resources, and dedication. The professional staff works closely with our parent-body, the Board of Trustees, and volunteer committees to build the social and communal scaffolding necessary to ensure our success.


Our school is dedicated to open communication and collaboration with parents in a joint effort to nurture our students’ success. Together with our parents and grandparents, we celebrate Jewish holidays, personal milestones and Smachot, and support each other in times of sorrow. At WTA we value the rabbinic leadership of community rabbis and invite them to teach, celebrate, and enrich our learning.


Our next big step as a school will be to move into our בית לנצח on Stratton Road in New Rochelle. It is where we will continue to teach, to motivate, and to inspire the students of Yeshivat Netzach. Our home will best support our educational model, mission and vision, enhance learning while also building a great sense of community. 


WTA is building for the future. Our blended learning model, as well as our low cost tuition, allows for every child who wants an excellent, personalized Jewish education to receive one. Symbolic of progressive learning at WTA, we will build our school as an extension of the existing mansion - constantly keeping our past and Mesorah while expanding our education for the future.